Fred Polley – Joined 2013

Frederick George Polley, 74 years old but very young at heart. 

I am a retired Electrical Engineer and Technical Manager.

I have always been involved in helping people since I was 16, being it on the Social side, Running Social Clubs, Organising events and activities or running quizzes.

When I retired my late wife and myself went to an Age Concern Coffee Morning at the Over 50’s Clitheroe Club in South Oxhey Watford, run by Age Concern, when Age Concern decided to drop out, the members had a Meeting as they wanted the club to continue. They asked my wife and I to run the club, which we did, running bingo sessions, quizzes, and social events to theatres, arranging day trips and holidays as well as doing my party pieces at Social functions, managing the Finances and keeping the books. Most if not all events were subsided from any monies we made.

My wife passed away after a long illness of some 25 years and always needed my help I continued to run the club until I moved to Norfolk in 2012 I Appeared in the TV Documentary ‘The Choir – The Unsung Town’ (4 x 1 hour Episodes) I just love singing. While this was going on I met the lovely Carol, who once lived in Martham, We got married and now live in Ormesby St Michael Norfolk and are ‘Very Very Happy. I joined Age Concern about two ago as a volunteer helping with the Wednesday Martham Lunch Club together with various other activities events as a volunteer helper. I also help out at the Thursday Priory Lunch Club, both of which I enjoy very much Jackie asked me to become a Trustee, for which I asked ‘Would I be suitable’, She told me yes.

Steve Bowles